This project is about oblivion.
Memory is a category of the quality of the human soul. It contains our essence. Without memory, there is no past and no future for us. But sometimes it is so difficult to remember the most important.
I'm trying to document my memories from childhood. Memories are associated with the house in which my family lived, and where our childhood passed. It was a small blue country house. This colour reminds of an endless summer sky we as children admired lying in the fragrant grass. Today a city is growing there. That house remained only in our memories. What was true? What was invented by our memory? From year to year, the house is covered with the snow of oblivion.
I'm trying to colorize black and white archival family photos of my childhood, which were created by my father. Overlaying them with the images of blue houses resembling that one where our family lived. 
Documentary archive photos are mixed with my personal feelings and memories and eventually it has become a document of my memory.
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