This project is about searching of internal freedom. We live within limits and boundaries, both physical and psychological. And the only way to liberation is to leave our own captivity, where we are the most severe jailers. 
A few years ago I moved to live in Poland and took up residence in the former Warsaw Ghetto territory. 
I had a lot of hope and confidence. However, my first years in a new place were not easy. The biggest difficulty was to lose a sense of home. As if I left one and did not move into another. I was stuck between two worlds, and I had the full feeling that I was alone here. I stayed in my inner prison and physically lived in a territory which was a prison for an entire people. I began to build my own ghetto wall inside my soul.
In my photo project, I tried to explore this topic. I did portraits of people experiencing similar feelings – confusion, lostness, loneliness, imprisonment without physically existing barriers. 
To my mind, not the walls fallen around us, not the system and power destruction, not money, but we ourselves make us feel free. Our house is always inside. And even if the body is weak, the spirit soars.
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